Monday blues…

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I had a successful weekend of sales. In two days, I managed to sell three sets of cards. I was pretty impressed with myself, since I usually don’t make $30 in two days. But, my new thought process is now how to keep this kind of business going.

I guess my problem is promotion. I advertise on Twitter, and I think that brings in some kind of business. I don’t advertise on Facebook, because if my friends knew that I sold cards on Etsy, I’d be given hell. I don’t know where else to share my links or my information.

I read articles that explain how to promote your Etsy shops, but let’s face it, I’m not going to start passing out business cards on busy New York City corners or taping flyers on telephone poles and light posts. I also don’t have the time to set up shop at a flea market for an entire Saturday afternoon. Right now, I’m an internet-only kinda girl.

What I’m trying to do at this point is build up the client list that I have. Maybe I’ll start sending out exclusive coupon codes and freebies in my orders, or sending them a personalized ‘Thank you’ note to show my gratitude. I just don’t want to seem pesty or overzealous. I don’t want to shove my shop in people’s faces – I want them to actually like me.

My question for you: How do you advertise your shop?


4 Responses to “Monday blues…”

  1. That is awesome that you sold 2 sets..Heck I have only had 4 sales 😦

    I do not promote much either. Was actually thinking of closing up shop.

    Why would your friends give you a hard time for selling cards?

    • I was looking through your shop and I absolutely LOVE your cards! I’ll be making a purchase in the next few days! 🙂 Selling takes time – I try to make my tags something that I think a lot of people will search for – maybe try that?

      Please don’t close your shop, though! You have nothing to lose by keeping it open – if you close it, you’ll have no chance to make a sale.

      I think my friends would give me a hard time because they’d probably think I was crazy for taking on something like this. I’ve never really been openly creative around them, so this might just come out of left field and they might not understand why I enjoy doing stuff like this. Maybe once I have a bit more variety in my shop, I’ll be more open to sharing this little part of my life with them.

  2. That is sweet of you to say about my things. It is hard to sell one of a kind things..and really getting things posted on ETSY takes time!! It is not an easy process, agree?

    So I will just have to come back and keep reading your advice AND go look through your ETSY tags to see what you use! Thanks new card making friend!

    Oh..your cards are WAY cute…very cute style..clean and sophisticated. I will pass your name on to those I know would like your style.

    • I completely agree! It takes me a few hours to make one card that I really like and then take the pictures and upload them and set up a whole listing and everything… it’s very time consuming!

      I really appreciate that gesture! I will do the same thing in return! ❤

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