Dealing with the ups and the downs

Now playing: the sound of cars driving past my window 🙂

I’m back around again. Hope everyone had a great week!

Something’s been bugging me lately, and I touched upon it in the previous post. The ups and the downs of setting is getting under my skin! Sometimes, I’ll sell three orders in one day, and then I’ll have no sales for a week. This inconsistency is messing with my head! And I know that to get more recognition that you need to sell more to get your stuff on the front page, but I’m afraid if I make too many things, I’m going to just burn out like a candle in a hurricane. I just wish there was a way to keep a steady stream of people going to my shop.

I just opened up a Twitter (cheap plug alert): Start a Fire Shop @ Twitter. I’m just not sure if that’s going to bring in the amount of business that I want.

I also want to start my own Etsy team for Glee, but I have no idea if anyone will join! I figure that since I make Glee cards that I might as well be a part of a Glee team, and if that means making my own, I will.

Additionally, I’m starting to expand my shop a bit. I just purchased a Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch kit the other day and I’ve been stamping and punching butterflies like it’s my day job, and even though stamping and punching butterflies just sounds mean and cruel, they’re coming out so darn pretty. Here’s an example of a card I made with ribbon and my stamped and punched butterflies.

From my 'Spring is Here' Butterfly Card Set

And you better believe I was online last night trying to find more punches. I’m now starting of thinking about going into supplies and card stock punches. Like I need something else to do with my time at this point! 🙂

I’m also working on button cards. Yes, button cards. Cards covered with buttons. I made a pink and yellow one that came out cute, and then I worked on an all brown one, and the brown one looks like it’s ready to give way at any minute now. I don’t have pictures of those yet, but once I figure out how to stand the brown one up, I’ll get on it.

Finally, I made more Sue Sylvester cards (from Glee). She always says, “You think that’s hard?” followed by something hillarious. I found five of those quotes and typed it up using a varsity-type font, since she’s the cheerleading coach. I’ll get those posted tonight too, as soon as I take pictures of those bad boys.

I’m on winter break now from college, and I go back to teaching on January 10th, so I have some time to work with. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should try next? Maybe photo cards?

Thanks for reading!


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