We’re gonna start a fire…

Posted in Entries on December 12, 2010 by Therese

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I’ve always loved greeting cards. I’d spend hours in drugstore card aisles, just reading cards and laughing at some, nodding my head in pure agreement in others… I’d always buy a ton of them and save them, building quite a collection. Hallmark would be proud.

Now, I make my own. I’m starting out small, working on media quote cards, seasonal cards, and various other quote cards, but I plan on expanding into more intricate designs. Right now, my main supplies are Microsoft Word, Avery card stock, and my photo printer, but I’m anxious to start exploring the world of stamps, incorporating die cuts, using stencils, featuring embellishments, and making cards more three-dimensional. I have high hopes and expectations for my cards – I woudn’t post anything to my store that I wouldn’t buy.

I’m always improving my cards, even if its just changing the colors or rounding the edges of the paper. My cards have gone through multiple changes and improvements in the two weeks my shop has been open.

Additionally, I’m looking to expand my shop to feature a wide variety of bookmarks, die cut shapes, and maybe handmade jewelry. I’m keeping my options completely open, and I’m very welcoming to ideas and suggestions.

I’m looking forward to keeping this blog updated and going with all different types of posts, from tutorials to polls to secret coupon codes that you won’t find anywhere else! For other bloggers, if you’d like to exchange links, I’d love to feature you if you’d feature me! 🙂

Until next time…